Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Curious Case of the Vanishing Croissants

As noted previously, creative people tend to be scavengers. Picking through pop culture for ideas. Poring over award show books for inspiration. And swarming over any food left behind in conference rooms.

Occasionally, those treats were actually intended by be devoured by the creative staff.  In fact, savvy art reps knew that the best way to attract an audience for their photographers and illustrators was to bring a bag of bagels along with their portfolios.  But usually, that silver tray with a couple white doilies held the leftovers of a client meeting -- and once the elevators doors closed, it would take only minutes for the nearest creative people to descend upon the few remaining helpless pastries like locusts.

Sometimes a meeting would end with almost none of the donuts or croissants (or in the afternoon, cookies) disturbed, ensuring satisfying sugar-rushes for the whole department and anyone else lucky enough to be hanging around.  This happened once we watched the account executives and clients file out of the room; as usual, those baked goods never stood a chance.  We scampered back to our desks and art boards, leaving behind only a tray of crumbs.

Minutes later, the account executives and clients returned from their bathroom break, ready for some pastries before resuming their meeting...

The memo we received that afternoon was not a happy one.



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