Friday, January 11, 2008

Obligatory celebrity photo

Back around 1983, the ad agency I worked for handled the Swiss Miss Instant Hot Cocoa account.  As part of a campaign that featured actor Judd Hirsch, the Yodeling Sweetheart herself was shipped to us from, I don't know, the Swiss Alps or somewhere, to appear in the print ads.

Despite the long trip to Minneapolis (and traveling inside a suitcase), Ms. Miss was gracious enough to pose for a Polaroid with this star-struck junior copywriter.   Though somewhere in her mid-thirties at the time of this photo, she looks remarkably youthful and in high spirits.  Sadly, today, her advertising icon status pales before colleagues such as Tony the Tiger and Kool-Aid Man.  In what is probably the equivalent of being seated near the kitchen, Swiss Miss most recently found herself shunted onto the back of the cocoa package.  And after all she'd done for the company...

Well, I remember you fondly, Missy.  And the feel of those soft, flaxen braids.



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