Friday, February 8, 2008

(b)ad copy (#1 in a series)

Today on the radio, I heard a commercial for a grocery chain that promised savings "on everything from string cheese to cocktail weenies."  Yes, I know, it's a common turn of phrase in advertising a range of products, and I've used it myself on occasion, but it works in some contexts and not in others -- and this is one of the others.

"Everything from string cheese to cocktail weenies."  What exactly falls between those extremes?  Does laundry detergent fit in there?  Does ice cream?  And are string cheese and cocktail weenies really extremes at all?  Aren't they both party snacks?  In one sense, I guess, you could say the phrase did its job, because I obviously remembered it hours after hearing the commercial.  On the other hand, I still don't know if hot dogs are on sale.  Do they fall to the right or the left of cocktail weenies?

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