Thursday, July 24, 2008

The death of advertising

Okay, make that Death IN advertising. When it comes to "found concepts," creative people just love to ape obituaries. The most obvious purpose is to drive home a life-threatening public health or safety issue:

...but it can be even more effective when the tragedy of the form is played for laughs, like in this exterminator ad (which was actually run among real obituaries):

And what goes with funerals (well, Irish funerals, anyway) more than beer?  

Click to enlarge.  Or I can just save you the time (and eyestrain, although the copy is funny in parts) and tell you that the obit just goes on and on and on listing the man's endless family, friends and acquaintances,  all to set up the campaign's theme that Finnegan's is "as Irish as it gets."

Lastly, I suppose it's worth noting that, yes, it's even possible for obituaries to be the subject of an ad, not just the format:

(It's just a whole lot rarer.)

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