Monday, November 8, 2010

Who's under the trench coat?

Back in the glamorous heyday of airline travel, airlines often tried to sell you tickets based the idea of exotic travel as a way of resuscitating your relationships, and more frequently, by subtly (and no so subtly) dangling the fantasy of a romantic liaison with one of their young and shapely (but with a girl-next-door appeal, naturally) fight attendants.

This 1963 ad from Germany's Lufthansa Airlines cleverly manages to do both:

Are they husband and wife, or passenger and stewardess? Don't look to the ad copy to give you any clues:
Happens often in Bavaria. You'll notice it in the most surprising the most surprising ways. Something in Germany's air, no doubt, has a wonderfully stimulating effect on the feelings and spirits of visitors.
Make of it what (and who) you will. But given the airline-branded bag the woman's carrying, the coy ingenue-like turning in of her feet as she's (presumably) being kissed, and the business attire of the man, and I'm thinking, well...obvious, isn't it?

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