Sunday, February 6, 2011

Steel yourself for the answer...

If a hamburger ad said,

It's ground beef and it's delicious.

...would anyone pay attention? If an ad for patio furniture proclaimed,

It's plastic and it's wonderful."

...would anyone remember it afterwards? So what's the thinking behind this braggy headline for garage cabinetry:

Okay, it's a trick question -- a sort of test of pop-cultural literacy for members of the boomer generation (whom I assume are the audience for these upscale workbench accessories). Or perhaps -- or more likely -- it's just the kind of jokey headline writers and art directors giggle over that somehow found its way into print.

So if you didn't experience a spark of familiarity upon reading the ad's headline, then you're probably not a "Seinfeld" afficionado and didn't recognize it as a twisting of the exit line of Jerry's girlfriend, Sidra (yes, played by Teri Hatcher) -- finally answering that episode's overriding question about the nature of Sidra's, um, endowments...

"They're real and they're spectacular!"

There. Now doesn't that put you in a mind for buying garage equipment?

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