Braniff takes flight here again

Back in 2008, I did a post looking back at the surprising Braniff campaign spearheaded by Mary Wells Lawrence (who would later go on to found ad agency Wells Rich Greene) featuring the "Air Strip" and "End of the Plain Plane" and TV commercials.

Recently, I stumbled on the 1966 print versions of those concepts, which, in many ways, seem just as fresh and innovative for airline advertising today as they did 45 years ago.

(Yes, yes, I know, if planes were ever flying that close together, you'd have a disaster on your hands, but still...)


Anonymous said…
I remember my first flight on Braniff in January 1968. It was a dark green 727. I remember the Pucci uniforms and the great service. They treated kids like kings. So much fun. I truly miss them.

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