The Stepford Ads

Another entry in the "Where Do They Get Their Crazy Ideas?" Department, and this one is relatively easy to explain. I saw this poster over the weekend, advertising an upcoming movie:

As images go, this one is cleverly arresting. Your eyes immediately to the woman's Angelina Jolie/Megan Fox-type features, while mostly registering the rest of her typically modelesque pose peripherally. Then the position of the hands draws your eyes toward the inevitable bared tattoo and that's when the stripped midsection with its metallic spinal column hits you. And although the merger of fleshy and blood with steely machinery should be abhorrent, the woman's physical perfection and cold demeanor seem almost robotic anyway.

And in fact, pretty much the same commentary* fits this ad that appeared just a year and a half ago:

(*Yes, after glimpsing the face, your eyes drift down to something else besides a tattoo, but it has the same effect.)

Of course, the whole Sexy Female Robot in popular culture idea goes back to at least 1975...

And maybe even further:


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