Nerd Appeal

Interesting celebrity endorsement:

That's actor Wally Cox, a character actor of the '50s/'60s known for playing milquetoasts in sitcoms and variety shows, starting with his 1952 show, "Mr. Peepers." Given the aspirational nature of most adult beverage advertising (then as well as now), it's a bit surprising to see Cox in this ad. After all, his fame notwithstanding, he's not exactly the type of person most liquors would want to associate their products with. Was Lee Marvin busy?

Wally Cox? Why not just get Woody Allen to pitch Smirnoff?

Oh, wait a minute:

Well, Smirnoff, since you've gone this far, you might as well complete the 1950s Nerd Triumvirate and get Tony Randall, too:


Dixon said…
Funny. And clever. So you.

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