Face to face with my Surdyk's ads

A few months back, I was contacted by David Wojdyla, creator and curator of a blog commemorating the life and career of Ron Anderson, the storied creative director of Bozell Advertising and "the godfather of Minneapolis advertising." David and I both worked for Ron at different points, me in the 1980s as a copywriter in Minneapolis, and him in the 1990s as an executive creative director in New York. (Today, David is co-founder of ANDvertising Inc. in Chicago.

When David was looking for new material for the blog, he came across one of my award-winning Bozell ads for Surdyk's liquor store and asked me if I had other Surdyk's ads he could show. It seemed a little presumptuous to show off my work on a blog about Ron  but maybe not if I put it in the context of an advertising approach first laid down by Ron (and his copywriter partner, Tom McElligott) a decade earlier.

The link to my post is below  but if you aren't familiar with Ron Anderson, his career in advertising, and all the creative people he mentored and inspired, there's lots more to read on David's blog.


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