Innuendo -- It's the American way

I've discussed American Airline's "Fly Me" campaign previously, but this ad deserves special mention. It seems to be created for those for whom the "stewardesses" with the come-hither come-ons ("I'm Cheryl. Fly Me.") was a bit too subtle:

The "giving a party" headline, the knowing eyes, the tongue definitely not in cheek -- you'd be forgiven for mistaking this for an ad for some kind of in-flight escort service. The copy isn't going to give you much help, either:
"At first I was bashful. But then people began thanking me for an enjoyable flight. I liked that. And I realized how much I wanted everything to go just right. That I had fun when they did."
And like a good procurer, American Airlines ends by promising
We'll keep combing America for girls like Sandy. And as soon as we meet them, we promise to introduce them to you.
And you wonder how that "Swinging Stewardess" image became so embedded in popular culture.


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