Revlon goes barbaric

Maybe it's just me, but I when I look at this 1969 Revlon ad -- with its apocalyptic sky, blasted landscape and the woman's vaguely futuristic barbarian getup -- I can't help thinking this:

That's Barbarella, the Jane Fonda sexploitation movie that came out the year before.

Though it was as critical and box office flop, it seems plausible that, given the need to draw attention to Revlon's "action-now" skincare product, the ad designers would turn to cinematic images of "action heroines" -- though, frankly, the culture at the time didn't offer all that much choose from. It was either Jane Fonda in a space bikini...

...or maybe Raquel Welch in a fur bikini, circa 1966:

Am I hallucinating? Do a side-by-side comparison and you decide:


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