Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Inspiration doesn't get more divine than this

Back in 1988, an anonymous donor challenged a Florida ad agency to come up with a billboard campaign that challenged readers to consider their relationship with God.  The agency creatives came up with a series of supposed quotes from The Almighty that tended to be clever puns...

Borscht-Belt one-liners....

Questions that sounded like they were translated by the cast of "Friends"...

And a few that indulged in speculation about God's politics...

The billboards proved so popular and intriguing, that the campaign was spread to over 200 U.S. cities in 1999, and throughout the web since then.  One of the messages frequently cited as a favorite is this one:

But what are we to make of this message?  Since when is The Second Coming a threat of punishment?   And can we really forestall Judgement Day just by cleaning up our act?  Or is this just another case of the Creative Department losing track of the client while in pursuit of a clever message?
Oddly, it's the one message that isn't included on the official web site, so its possible that its was an outsider's mockup that became accepted as part of the real campaign.  The Anonymous Donor remains silent, and so far, God has made no additional comment (at least, not to me).


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