Eleven x 3

In this week's issue, Entertainment Weekly lists the poster for the 2001 remake of "Ocean's Eleven" as one of the most perfect posters of the last 25 years.

I like it. In fact, I even liked it when it as the cover of the Smithereens' third album eleven years earlier:

But the homages run both ways.  On this web site, Smithereens member Pat DiNuzio talks about the inspiration to him and fellow band member, Dennis Diken:
"When Dennis and I walked into a used bookstore and found a paperback book tie-in for Ocean's 11, that sparked our imagination to call our record Smithereens 11 and re-create the image of the paperback cover on our album."
He's referring to the original film of 1960, of course.  In fact, the album's liner notes include thank-yous to "Frank, Dean, Sammy and all of Ocean's Eleven."  Here's the paperback they must have happened upon: 

Among other similarities, you'll notice that the little silhouettes of the characters running towards a Las Vegas cityscape appears on both.

And then there's the back of the CD:

No word on whether an upcoming album will parody this movie:

Elsewhere:  Advergirl talks about the power of "crack the code" advertising in the 6/23 entry on her blog.  I've covered something similar to that here.


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