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How hard should you have to work to identify the sponsor of an ad?  According to Dave Saunders in his book, "20th Century Advertising,"
"One of the strongest human instincts is to want to make sense of what we see. We are intrigued by the unexpected and don't like being left with a mystery...we are drawn in to solve the visual riddle or to read the copy in search of an explanation."
The question, of course, is how long the average reader will keep searching. That's the fine line you walk in ads like these. If fact this one has a double riddle. Once you realize the bunched-up magazines are forming the image of a brain, the question becomes, "What magazine would claim to be such brain fodder?"

Speaking of which, found the logo yet? Here it is:

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aryzha said…
One of the greatest Economist ads of all time!

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